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1x wooden Solid Rattan dining chair/armchair

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A chair is not a place to sit. It is a vehicle for good times. You will never remember a good seat, but you will remember the great times spent with family and friends eating a meal.

Sit down and forget where you are. Chairs should be first and foremost be about comfort. Slide onto your rattan chair and relax. Eat and chat the night away. Hop up refreshed from good conversation.

Are you all your chairs worn out and falling apart? Time to get a set of new chairs. Your new wooden chair will be the perfect start to a new way of living. Upgrade and relax.

Do you want to buy a chair that will break as soon as you look at it? Want your children fight over who gets it when you die? A chair is the memories it brings. Memories including a chair that lasts.

Get yourself a set of two or many chairs. Get many sets. Too many sets. Nobody needs that many chairs. You need that many chairs. Perhaps consult your friends or family before buying 20 new chairs for your apartment.

Key Features

  • Solid rubber wood
  • Comfy armrest
  • 100kg capacity
  • Rattan weave
  • Double layer elastic seat cushion
  • Stable reinforced beams
  • Suitable for log, retro, nostalgic, folk, Scandinavian, natural, warm, Wabi-sabi style

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