What We Are.

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Furniture inspiration

This look is a complete win-win for avid book readers. This reading corner with the elegant glass floor lamp, a hanging armchair, a plush throw pillow, some sleek shelves, nested tables and natural light falling in from the window creates a warm and soothing vibe. So read your favourite book or simply chill for hours together and it will definitely mentally transport you to paradise on earth. Keep calm and beat those Monday blues.

It’s with no surprise that a lot of us are becoming more intrigued and inspired by home décor. This is due to a combination of being at home a lot more and our homes becoming our everything.

Plant Stand

HIGH WEIGHT CAPACITY: The Plant Stand can hold upto 100kgs. Making it suitable to use of large pots as well as multiple small pots. STYLISH & STURDY: The Stand has been created to provide a stylish design to your balcony, corridor or room.

IMPROVED CLEANLINESS: The Plant Stand makes it easier for you to ensure cleanliness, as it allows you to clean under the stand and keeps all your pots in an organised manner. ENHANCED RUST PREVENTION: Powder Coated using 10 tank process as per Cal Prop.