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18L Smart Trash Bin Automatic Motion Sensor

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    Pretty & Practical


* Knock Sensor

When you are cooking or busy, just use your feet to touch anywhere on the trash can to open the lid.

* Manual Mode

The office trash can with lid is designed with a manual lid opening button, eco-friendly & low power consumption.

* Infrared Sensor

Infrared fields sense the areas above and in front of the can so it opens automatically with just the wave of your hand.

Quick opening

15-30cm sensing distance, 3s fast opening, 5s delay closing, to meet your daily needs.

* Enclosed Design

The deodorant automatic lid trash cans have a sea-led design to lock the peculiar smell.

* High quality

The trash can is made of ABS synthetic plastic, which is strong, durable, and will not be easily damaged.

* Garbage Bag Storage Box

Built-in garbage bags storage box, easy to pick up and everyday use.

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